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Behold: my stuff. Coffee edition.

 My current coffee daily home setup. Featured in this photo:  A Presso manual espresso machine, circa 2010. This model is made by ROK now, and it’s parts are backwards compatible with the Presso. I replaced the original plastic piston system with the ROK glass composite system in 2020. I’ve used this nearly everyday for one stretch of about 5 years during my last stint in grad school, and I have been using it nearly everyday since early 2020. I mostly use it by feel, I sort of know the amount of pressure I’m achieving based on the feedback I’m getting when pressing down and my knowledge of the grind and dry weight of the puck. I can for the most part consistently and deliberately pull anything from a single ristretto to a double normale on this.  An ROK coffee grinder, 2020. I added a piece of thick leather as dust cover. I like that this allows me to quickly switch between grinds and that I can control the dose that I put in the hopper. The long arm transfers a lot of force so I have