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On concocting a coffee service

 I find it hard to write or talk about coffee online. For good coffee discourse, I can think of no better venue than James Hoffman's YouTube channel . My blog right here is more if you like incoherent rambling. The problem for me is that coffee is ultimately a matter of taste. Without the taste, the actual experience of a good coffee, text about coffee is, well, bland. And so I love to talk about coffee, over a coffee. During work hours, I will prepare a coffee for pretty much anyone who wants one (+ one for me), if they come by my office (545 Bronfman, McGill U). I prefer a ristretto but I do also offer regular espresso, pourover and moka. It's mostly my fellow grad students, though occasionally I get local and visiting faculty too. We don't have to talk about coffee (though I won't say no to that).  The joy of the coffee service, to me, is the pleasure of discovery. Every service is unique. I usually have 3-4 types of beans on offer at any given time, and I blend them