My love-hate relationship with monsoon malabar

I purchased a batch of unroasted from a couple weeks ago. This is the second time I'm buying this variety of bean from the greenbeanery. They've done an OK job keeping the bean out of the elements, but I'm seeing a somewhat uneven roast, likely because of moisture from the moonsooning process. This is my big problem with monsoon malabar- they're almost as hard as robusta to roast evenly.  If only they weren't delicious. This batch was roasted until a tiny bit of surface oil shows up at the beginning of second crack. 

Monsoon malabar can be a good espresso bean as well, producing loads of crema. However,  my brew method of late is pourover with a stainless steel micromesh, which makes for a lightly oily, fully bodied cup. 

Stepping away from an espresso-heavy COVID summer to the more mellow flavors of pourover is a good fall move. I may pair a more aromatic Brazilian beans with the full body of an Asian bean for next week's roast.