Mise en scène

Aditi lent me her workspace today, it's making me happy. The pandemic encouraged her to transform our living room into something very flexible and modular. It's so her, so lush with greenery, part yoga studio, part editorial office, part nonprofit organizing and fundraising space, and ultimately a living space. In this age of mise-en-screen in virtual background, it offers a lot of possibilities. Not pictured is Aditi's "doors" photography series, featuring New Orleans (French quarter) and Montreal (plateau), and our fiction/craft bookshelves. 

I've also been playing with the use of cinema to transform TVs from eyesores to art. Jacques Tati's work is particularly suited for it. The mise-en-scène is immaculate. Every frame a perfect tableau. Astonishing sound design: Not music, but musical. Non-narrative: you can absorb the movies over many partial viewings. On a good television, with good audio, the unfolding of a Tati movie is like great painting. It can be profoundly absorbing, but also serve in the background to add to the aesthetics of an occasion.

 Kyllä, se on kuksa.